What can I do if I’ve been sexually harassed at work?

1. Keep a record of the harassment

If you've been sexually harassed, make notes about what happened as soon as possible. If you decide to make a claim against your employer or the government, written notes will help you prove your case.

When making notes, include as many details as possible, for example:

  • the date, time, and place
  • who did or said what, being as specific as you can
  • who else saw or heard what happened
  • what you did at the time
  • how you felt about the when it happened and after it happened

If you told your employer about the sexual harassment, be sure to include what they said in your notes.

How to keep your records

There are many ways to keep a record. For example, you can:

  • send an email to your personal email account with details like those listed above
  • write the details in a notebook
  • keep a folder with copies of harassing emails and letters, and print or take screenshots of texts and social media posts from anyone involved

Include the date when you made your notes.

Keep your notes and records are in a safe place. For example, don't keep them on your computer at work because you may not be able to get them if you leave your job.

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