I came to Canada to pick and harvest crops. What are my rights?

1. Make sure you’re a harvester

The rules about working as a harvester can be complicated. The people you work with might have different rights than you do, even if you're doing similar tasks.

Some people do work related to harvesting but the law says they're not harvesters. This includes workers who organize and put food in warehouses and people who move fruit to other places after it's picked.

You're a harvester if you spend most of your time harvesting fruit, vegetables, or tobacco. This means that you pick food or tobacco off the plants that they grow on.

It does not matter what your boss calls your job. The important thing is the type of work that you do. This can change from week to week. You might work as a harvester for a while. Then you might spend time as a farm worker growing plants or caring for animals.

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