What if CAS wants to talk to me or my child?

2. Let CAS speak with your child

The (CAS) worker can speak with your child. They don't need your permission. They can ask your child questions on anything that they think is important.

If you don't allow your child to speak to the CAS worker, the worker might think you're trying to hide something. And, the worker might decide to go to your child's school, daycare, or any other place where your child may be and speak to them there instead.  

It can be embarrassing for a child to be interviewed somewhere else, like at their school. If you're worried about this, you should ask the CAS worker if they can interview your child at home.

The CAS worker usually speaks with you and your child separately. But sometimes they speak with you together.

Don't tell your child what to say to the worker. Encourage your child to relax and be honest.

Tell the CAS worker if your child has problems communicating or any developmental delays. For example, if your child has a speech issue or learning disability that might affect how they talk to the worker. The CAS worker must speak to your child in a way that takes into account your child's age and ability to understand and speak.

The CAS worker must keep notes about the things you or your child tell them. This information can be used in court later on. You can ask for a copy of their notes.

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