I don’t have a court order about parenting. Can I move with my child?

3. Give your partner notice of your plans to move

Even if you've spoken to your partner about the move, it's still usually a good idea to tell them about your plan in writing before you take steps to move. This is called notice.

In your notice you can tell them:

  • the date on which you expect to move
  • the new address and contact information for you or your child
  • what you plan to do about parenting if you're allowed to move, such as how , , or a will change

If your , , or award says you need to give notice, then you need to follow what it says.

If you have a that deals with decision-making responsibility and parenting time, then you must follow certain rules when you give notice. Decision-making responsibility and parenting time used to be called and .

If you've been abused by your partner or the person you have to give notice to, you may not wish to give your new address or contact information in your notice. You can get legal help and support if you've experienced abuse.

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