I don’t have a court order about parenting. Can I move with my child?

1. Talk to your partner about the move

Let your partner, and anyone else involved with your child, know that you're thinking about moving before you take steps to move. Tell them:

  • The reasons you want to move with your child.
  • Why you believe it's best for your child to move.
  • What changes, if any, have to be made because of the move, for example, changes to your child's daycare or school.
  • How you plan to deal with changes, if any, to , , or contact because of the move. These used to be called and .

Remember that it's usually best for your child to spend time with each parent. But there's no rule that says each parent must spend equal time with the child.

You can talk to your partner on your own, with the help of someone you both trust, or with the help of a family law professional such as a lawyer or mediator. Talking to your partner may not be an option where there is a history of partner abuse.

If you and your partner agree to the move, you can make a separation agreement that deals with the changes that will happen because of the move.

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