End payments through the FRO

Withdraw your case

If you and your partner agree that you don't want the (FRO) to handle your payments anymore, you must both fill out a Notice of Withdrawal Form.

In some cases, the parent receiving support can do this without the parent's consent by filling out a Notice by Support Recipient of Unilateral Withdrawal Form. For example, where the payor parent is paying the parent receiving support directly.

If payments go through Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, a caseworker must also agree to withdraw the case. If they don't agree, you must go to court to have your support agreement or order changed.

Re-register your case

If you later decide to re-register with the FRO, you fill out a Notice of Re-Filing Form. There is a $50 re-filing fee. And, if you want the FRO to enforce any payments that were missed since your case was closed, you need to fill out a Statement of Arrears Form. This form tells the FRO about the amount of unpaid child support.

End support payments

If you're paying child support and think payments should end, fill out the Application to Discontinue Enforcement of Ongoing Support and tell the FRO why you think it should end. The FRO will contact your partner.

If your partner… Then the FRO…
doesn't agree that child support should end, will continue enforcing the or written agreement.
doesn't respond to the FRO, may stop enforcing payments or enforce a lower amount of support.
doesn't respond to the FRO but later tells the FRO that payments should not have ended, may start enforcing payments again.
agrees in writing to end support, will let you know in writing that you can stop making support payments.

The FRO can't change any of the terms in your or court order. They only try to make sure support is being paid. So if your partner doesn't agree to end support, or if you want to change the amount of support, you have to go to court.

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