Get help from the FRO

You receive support

If you haven't received a support payment in more than 30 days and your or is being enforced by the (FRO), contact them right away.

You pay support

If you don't make your payments, the FRO can:

  • Take money from your bank accounts.
  • Take money from your retirement savings.
  • Take money from your employment insurance benefits, income tax rebates, and some government payments.
  • Take money from your wages or other income.
  • Suspend your driver's licence.
  • Suspend your Canadian passport.
  • Register the support order as a “charge” against your property. This means you can't sell it or transfer ownership until you pay any support owing.
  • Report you to the credit bureau which may damage your credit rating.
  • Take any Ontario lottery prize over $1,000.
  • Request information about your employment, finances, and address from any person or public body.
  • Take your employer to court for not following a Support Deduction Order.
  • Start a . At the hearing, you have to explain to a judge why you are behind in payments. This may result in up to 180 days in jail.

So, if you fall behind in payments, it's important to contact the FRO as soon as you can.

The FRO can help you work out a voluntary payment plan where you agree to a payment schedule you can afford. The FRO usually requires that you make your monthly support payments plus an additional amount toward the support owing.

If you're bankrupt, you still owe support. The FRO will be a creditor with a claim against your estate. They will enforce the ongoing support after you declare bankruptcy.

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