What is a mental health Form 1?

2. Review the document you get at the facility

Once you arrive at the under a Form 1, the facility must give you a document or a Form 42 that explains the reason you're there. This must be in writing. If they don't give you a document right away, you should ask for it.

Most doctors use Form 42, but any written document is valid.

Form 42, or your written document, will tell you whether the doctor who signed the Form 1 selected “Box A” or “Box B” on the Form 1. 

Box A to prevent serious harm

If your doctor selected Box A, it means they wanted you assessed to avoid serious harm to you or someone else.

It also means at least one of the following has already happened:

  • you tried or threatened to hurt yourself,
  • you were violent to someone else or did something that made them think that you will hurt them, or
  • you've shown signs that you can't care for yourself.

The doctor must also believe that this will happen: You or someone else is likely to be seriously hurt because of your .

“Box B” for substitute decision-maker

If your doctor selected Box B, it means they thought you did not understand your situation and that you need someone to make health-care decisions for you.

It also means all of these things must have already happened:

  • you've been treated in the past for a mental disorder that you still have
  • your previous was helpful
  • you cannot understand what it means to be treated in a psychiatric facility because of your mental disorder, and someone else, called a , is responsible for making decisions about your health care
  • your substitute decision-maker has given their permission for you to be treated at a psychiatric facility

The doctor must also believe that at least one of these things will happen:

  • You or someone else is likely to be seriously hurt because of your mental disorder.
  • Your mental or physical condition is likely to get much worse.
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