My landlord is harassing me. What can I do?

1. Tell your landlord there is a problem

Sometimes landlords harass tenants on purpose. They may do it to try to get the tenant to move out or they may do it for personal reasons. Some landlords do things they aren't allowed to do because they don't know the law. Or a landlord might not even know that someone who works for them is harassing a tenant.

In any of these situations, it is usually important to tell your landlord that what is happening is wrong and that you want it to stop.

If the continues, keep notes of the times and dates of what happened.

It is usually a good idea to give your landlord a written letter in case you need to prove that you told them about the problem. Your letter should include details about what happened and what you want your landlord to do about it. Put the date on your letter and keep a copy for yourself.

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