My lease is ending. Do I have to renew it or move out?

2. Learn about the benefits of renewing your lease for a fixed term

The main benefit of having a is that it gives you some protection from certain types of eviction notices.

Whether you have a fixed- lease or not, your landlord must have a valid legal reason to end your and you. For example, your landlord can try to evict you for not paying your rent, causing damage, or disturbing others. You always have the right to challenge the reason at a hearing before the .

But there are some reasons for eviction that a landlord can't use before the end of a fixed-term lease. These reasons include:

  • The landlord or a purchaser want to move into your unit
  • The landlord wants to demolish the place or change it to a non-residential use.
  • The landlord wants to do major repairs or renovations that can't be done while someone is living there. In this situation, you have the right to move back in after the work is done.
  • You have been paying your rent late too often.

If you're a fixed-term tenant and your landlord gives you a for any of these reasons, the can't be before the last day of the term. But if you're a tenant, the date can be the last day of any month, as long as the landlord gives you enough notice.

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