I’m sponsoring my spouse or partner. What information should I include?

4. Prepare for an interview

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may decide to interview you and your or partner before they decide to approve the application for status.

If you're asked to go an interview, bring about your relationship. You may have evidence that you did not include with your application. For example, if your spouse or partner is not in Canada, you may have proof that:

  • you've been communicating with each other
  • you've been visiting each other

If your spouse or partner is in Canada, you may have photographs or documents that show you doing things together and having a shared life.

Questions IRCC may ask

IRCC may ask questions about your relationship. The officer may ask you some questions together and may also interview you separately. If you don't know the answers or if you each give different answers, IRCC may decide that your relationship is not genuine.

For example, IRCC may ask about:

  • the history of your relationship
  • what interests and activities you share
  • how much you know about each other
  • how much you know about each other's families and friends
  • what you know about each other's work history, and where you've lived
  • your home, if you live together, including details about furniture and objects in your home

Some questions may be quite personal. People have been asked questions such as:

  • Which side of the bed do you sleep on when the two of you sleep together?
  • When did you first become physically intimate?
  • Do you use birth control? What kind?

There may be questions about things that you don't remember or don't know. It's better to say that you don't remember or don't know than to guess.

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