I’m a permanent resident convicted of a serious crime. What will happen?

Appeal your deportation order, if you can

Appealing a is complicated. So it's important to get legal help as soon as you can.

If you've been ordered , you may be able to appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division of the (IRB).

Who cannot appeal

You cannot appeal if you got the deportation order because:

  • you were convicted of a , and
  • your was 6 months or more in jail.

A lawyer can help you figure out if you have options, other than an appeal.

What the IRB can decide

You have to start your appeal within 30 days of getting your deportation order. At your appeal hearing, the IRB can:

  • consider any reasons you give for not being deported, and
  • decide that you should not be deported.

Read more about appealing to the IRB in I’m a permanent resident and have a deportation order because I was convicted of a crime. What can I do?


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