I’m a permanent resident convicted of a serious crime. What will happen?

Get legal help

There may be things you can do to stay in Canada. To find out about your options, you need to get legal advice about criminal law and immigration law as soon as possible. Some lawyers have experience with both criminal law and immigration law.

Legal help for a criminal appeal

Talk to a criminal lawyer. You may be able to appeal your conviction or your . In an appeal, you ask a higher court to review the decision made by the court in which you had your trial.

Even if you pleaded guilty, you might be able to appeal your conviction if you didn't know that you could:

  • lose your permanent status, and
  • be removed from Canada.

There are time limits to start an appeal. Talk to a criminal lawyer right away. Tell them that you're concerned about your status.

Legal help with your immigration status

You also need to get legal advice about immigration law and what you can do to try to stay in Canada.

For example, there might be strong reasons why you should be allowed to stay in Canada. An immigration lawyer may be able to help you.

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