I got a parking or traffic ticket. What are my options?

4. Get legal help

You might want to talk to a lawyer or paralegal if you’ve received a parking ticket or a traffic ticket.

The Law Society of Ontario has a Directory of all lawyers and paralegals who are licensed to practice law in Ontario. You can search the directory by name, address or postal code, language, or area of law. You can also search by whether services are offered in French.

You can also search for a lawyer or paralegal through JusticeNet. This is a not-for-profit organization that helps people access legal services when their income is too high to qualify for legal aid but too low to afford legal fees. If your net family income is less than $59,000, they will refer you to a directory of lawyers and paralegals who provide help at reduced rates depending on income. You must register and pay a fee to use the website.

Free advice and information

If you can’t afford legal help, there are some places that offer free legal advice and information.

Law Society Referral Service

The Law Society of Ontario has an online Law Society Referral Service. You can get the name of a lawyer in your area who can give you a free consultation for up to 30 minutes. You can ask for a lawyer who speaks your language.

You don’t have to hire this person as your lawyer. But you can’t ask for a second referral for the same legal problem.

Ontario Legal Information Centre

The Ontario Legal Information Centre offers a free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer. This can help you decide what you want to do, or answer specific questions you may have about how Provincial Offences Court works.

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