What can I do if I disagree with a Ministry of Labour decision?

Employment Standards Officers (ESO) decide employment standards claims made to the Ministry of Labour. If you disagree with what the ESO decided, you can ask the Ontario Labour Relations Board (Labour Board) to review the decision.

You can ask for a review if:

  • the ESO refuses to make an order against your employer
  • you disagree with all or part of the ESO's order

For example, the amount of money the ESO orders your employer to pay you might be less than the amount of your claim. The Labour Board can decide that your employer owes you the full amount.

Time limit

The time limit to ask the Board for a review is 30 days from the date you get the ESO's decision.

If you miss the time limit, you can still apply. Explain why you're applying late. The Labour Board might still agree to review the decision.

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