1. Contact the Crown

You or your lawyer can call the Crown’s office and ask to speak to someone about a variation. If the Crown's office has a special process for this, they can explain it to you on the phone.

You or your lawyer will need to explain to the Crown why you need to change the conditions of your bail or police . The Crown does not have to agree.

The Crown will consider:

  • the you've been charged with
  • the conditions you're asking to change
  • the reasons that you're asking for the change
  • potential safety concerns for the or community
  • how well you've followed the conditions of your bail so far

The Crown is more likely to agree to change your conditions if you have documents that show why you need the change. For example, if you want to attend school at night, then you might want to change a condition that says you must stay at home in the evening. You can show the Crown a copy of your course schedule or timetable.

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