Do I have to deposit cash to get bail?

1. Talk to a lawyer

If you haven't already, contact a criminal defence lawyer. Tell the lawyer what you've been charged with, and that you're being held for a .

If you don't know a lawyer or can't afford one, contact Legal Aid Ontario. Legal Aid Ontario pays lawyers known as to help people in court who can't afford a lawyer.

If you don't already have a lawyer, duty counsel will interview you in the cells at the courthouse and help prepare a bail plan before you're brought into the courtroom for your bail .

What your lawyer will do

Your lawyer will advise you if they think you should propose a cash bail to the court, or if the court might require one from you.

Your lawyer will also ask for the names and phone numbers of family and friends that may be able to act as your . Your lawyer will help you prepare a bail plan and arrange your bail hearing.

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