Can I get house arrest instead of going to jail?

4. Prepare for your sentencing hearing

You or your lawyer should explain how serving a would:

  • help you rehabilitate
  • follow the principles of sentencing

Before you're sentenced, gather documents such as:

  • letters of support from employers or agencies where you have volunteered
  • proof of a job or offers of a job
  • personal letters of reference
  • proof that you have enrolled in rehabilitation programs

Make the court aware of any obligations you have related to:

  • childcare
  • your job
  • going to school
  • taking care of your health

At your sentencing hearing, the judge will also consider:

  • your criminal record
  • your personal history
  • the circumstances of the crime
  • what the victim has said about the crime

The judge decides your sentence based on what they think is appropriate and reasonable.

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