What’s included in a police record check?

5. Ask for a reconsideration

If the results of the vulnerable sector record check include “non-conviction” information, you can ask the police to leave this out. This is called asking for a “reconsideration”.

Non-conviction information is information about certain crimes, even if you were charged but not .

This information can be included in a vulnerable sector record check only if:

  • the law says that non-conviction information can be given about this crime, for example, crimes that are sexual assaults
  • the person you were accused of hurting was a child or a vulnerable person
  • there are to believe that you have what the law calls a “pattern of predatory behaviour”, which shows that there's a risk you might harm a child or vulnerable person

Asking for a reconsideration

When the police give you the results of the vulnerable sector record check, they have to include information about how to ask for a reconsideration.

You have to ask for a reconsideration in writing within 45 days of getting the results of the record check.

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