Can I change my mind about buying a used car?

Figure out if you can cancel your contract within 90 days

A contract can be cancelled within 90 days of when you receive the car if the dealer did not tell you:

  • the total mileage on the car
  • the make, model or year of the car
  • that the car was used as a daily rental car, police cruiser, taxi or emergency vehicle
  • that the car was ever declared or branded a total loss by an insurer
  • that it was considered un-repairable or suitable for salvage, or
  • that the car was rebuilt

Within one year

You can cancel the contract within one year of when you signed it if the dealer made false or misleading statements about the car. Making false, misleading or deceptive statements in order to sell a car is known as an unfair practice.

For example, a dealer must not tell you that:

  • the car is of better quality than it really is
  • the car is only available for a limited time, if that is not true
  • you are getting a special price or benefit, if it is not true

Unfair practices also happen when a dealer:

  • takes advantage of language difficulties that you may have
  • takes advantage of physical, mental, or emotional disabilities that you may have
  • charges far more than what is reasonable for the car
  • pressures you to buy a car that the dealer knows you cannot afford

If the dealer used an unfair practice to get you to buy the car, and you are within 1 year of when you signed the agreement, you can cancel it.

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