What are my rights at work to do things to follow my religion?

2. Ask your employer for accommodation

You know best what your needs are. Think about things that could be done to make things fair for you at work. There are some examples listed in the answer above.

To get what you need, you have to explain why you need it. Make your request to your employer in writing.

Your right to is based on your religious beliefs. It doesn't matter if:

  • you don't follow all the rules of your religion
  • others who share your religion don't follow the same rules that you do

Think about how you'll talk to your employer about finding a solution that works for both of you. For example, you might need to take breaks at certain times each day to pray. Your employer might be able to:

  • let you take breaks when you need to pray, rather than at the regular break times
  • change your work hours so you don't need prayer breaks while you're at work
  • let you work a longer day to make up the time you spend praying
  • provide a place at work for prayer breaks

You may want to get advice about asking your employer for accommodation. You can contact the Human Rights Legal Support Centre for free legal advice and information. For example, they can help you:

  • decide what to tell your employer about your religious beliefs
  • decide what to ask your employer for
  • talk to your employer about different ways to meet your needs
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