2. Fill out the right form

In Ontario, there are 2 Family Law Forms that you can use to ask the court for a . The one you use depends on whether you're applying for a divorce only, or for a divorce and other claims, , , , , or . Decision-making responsibility and parenting time used to be called and .

You can get both forms from the courthouse or online. They are available in French and English.

Because you're the person asking the court for a divorce, you're called the . Your partner is called the because they're responding to your claim.

Form 8: Application (General)

Use Form 8: Application (General) if you want to ask the court for a divorce and other claims.

You may have to fill out more forms if you're asking for other things. For example:

Form 8A: Application (Divorce)

Use Form 8A: Application (Divorce) if you want to ask the court for a divorce only.

This form has 2 options:

  1. Simple (divorce only)
  2. Joint

Because you're applying for one by yourself, you check off the “Simple (divorce only)” box.

The only other claim you can make on this form is to ask for costs. This means asking the court to order your partner to pay your costs for asking for the divorce.

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