Apply to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

If you think a landlord has discriminated against you, you can apply to the Human Rights  of Ontario up to one year after it happened.

The Human Rights Legal Support Centre has an online tool to help you figure out if you can apply to the Tribunal.

If you need help, the Human Rights Legal Support Centre can explain how to fill out the . Or you might be able to get help from a community legal clinic.

The Tribunal is like a court, but less formal. First it will try to get both sides to agree on how to settle the case. If there is no agreement, the Tribunal will hold a hearing to decide the case. At the hearing, a Tribunal member will listen to  and legal arguments from both sides.

After the hearing, the Tribunal can make different kinds of orders. For example, it could  the landlord to rent to you. Or it could order the landlord to change their policies about tenant selection or take an educational course about .

The Tribunal could order the landlord to pay you money to compensate you for not respecting your human rights.

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