If my rental place is sold, can my new landlord make me move or charge more rent?

Understand other documents you might be asked to sign

If you are asked to sign any other document, make sure you understand what it says. You don't have to sign anything that you don't want to sign or you don't agree with. If you're not sure about signing, you should get legal advice.

Here are some of the documents you might get if your place is being sold.

Form N9 or N11

Sometimes landlords or new owners tell tenants that they have to move out because the place is being sold. But this is not true.

They might tell you that you have to sign a or agreement to end your . These documents are usually on one of these forms:

If you sign one of these forms, you can be forced to move out.

It is important to know that you don't have to sign anything like that. You can't be evicted just because your place is being sold.

If the new owner wants to move into your place, your landlord can give you an N12 notice before the place is sold, or the new owner can give you an N12 after the sale. You don't have to move out just because you get this notice. You have the right to dispute the N12.

Acknowledgement of tenancy

A buyer or possible buyer might need documents to prove the rental income and the details of any tenancy agreements. If so, you might be asked to sign an “acknowledgement of tenancy”. They might need this to show their mortgage lender or for other reasons.

It is usually okay to sign this document, as long as it just confirms your existing tenancy. It should accurately state your rent and any other terms and conditions of your rental agreement.

For example, if your rental agreement is for a fixed , such as a 1-year , you might want to make sure the document says that, and that it has the correct expiry date. A fixed term gives you protection against being evicted if the new owner wants to move in or wants to change your unit to a non-residential use. On the other hand, a fixed term can also make it harder for you to end the tenancy if you want to move out before the term expires.

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