1. Explain your rights

Ontario's Human Rights Code is the law that says employers, landlords, representatives, and providers must not discriminate against parents who are breastfeeding. They must not ask you to stop breastfeeding, to cover up, or to move to a private location.

If they do any of these things, you can try to explain the laws about breast feeding to them. You could show them information about the law, which is available on the Ontario Human Rights Commission website.

You can also get someone to help you explain the law to them. The Human Rights Legal Support Centre) (HRLSC) might be able to contact them on your behalf.

Keep copies of any communications you have with your employer, landlord, union representative, or service provider about breastfeeding. Make notes about your conversations and anything else that happens. Ask a friend or someone else to go with you when you meet or speak with them. That person can be a witness to what happened or what was said.

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