Can I become a citizen if I can’t pass the citizenship test?

2. Ask for what you need to meet the requirements

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can do some things differently to help you meet the requirements for language and knowledge of Canada.

You can ask IRCC for this help. For example, you might need to:

  • have a sign language interpreter at your interview
  • have a care attendant with you at your interview
  • get the study guide in an accessible format, for example, braille, large print, or audio
  • write the in a room by yourself or be given more time to finish the test

On the citizenship application form, you can tell IRCC what you need. If you didn't ask when you applied, you can ask by using IRCC’s web form.

If reading or writing in English or French is difficult

If reading and writing in English or French is difficult for you, you can ask to take the citizenship test orally. This means a citizenship officer asks you the questions and you tell them your answers.

IRCC usually makes people try to pass the written test twice before letting them take the test orally.

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