What is a medical review date for ODSP?

5. Get a decision

When the gets your completed Medical Review Package, they:

  • look at the information, and
  • decide whether you still meet the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) definition of a person with a disability.

They let you know their decision by sending you a letter in the mail.

If the Disability Adjudication Unit says that you're still a “person with a disability”, your continues with no change.

If the Disability Adjudication Unit says you’re not a “person with a disability”

You'll continue to get income support for 3 months. But after the 3 months, ODSP cuts off your income support.

You may be able to appeal the decision. But first you have to write to the Disability Adjudication Unit and ask for an .

After you've asked for an internal review, you can appeal to the .

For help appealing the decision, you may want to contact your local community legal clinic.

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