Can I work and get OW at the same time?

5. Tell OW about your money or life changes

When you get , you must tell Ontario Works (OW) about:

  • any money you make from a job or training program, or from being self-employed
  • any other money you get, such as Employment Insurance benefits
  • changes in your life, for example, if you start a job, or if family members move in or out of your household

How and when to report income and changes

Your OW office should tell you how and when to report your and any changes in your life. OW may:

  • send you blank forms in the mail each month
  • tell you where to find the forms online

Some OW offices have their own forms. Or, you may be able to use these forms.

Your OW office will tell you when to complete and return the forms. It's important to follow their instructions. If you don't, you might not get financial assistance for the next month.

Keep your documents

OW can ask you for documents to prove:

  • that you qualify for financial assistance
  • how much financial assistance you should get

So keep any documents that show OW:

  • how much money you made, for example, pay stubs
  • what your expenses were, for example, child-care costs


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