I have a noise complaint. What can I do?

2. Decide if the noise is too much

If you have a problem with noise here are some things to think about:

The level of noise

Think about whether the noise is “too much”. For example, a loud dinner party that ends by 11 p.m. is probably not something to complain about. But a loud party that goes late into the night could be.

Make notes

Make notes about the time of the noise and how long it lasts. This will help if you make a complaint about the problem to the city. Include details about things like:

  • who made the noise
  • when the noise happened
  • how often you heard the noise
  • how loud the noise was
  • what the noise sounded like
  • where the noise came from
  • how the noise affected you

If you’re able to make a recording of the noise or take pictures of the person making the noise safely, this can also be useful.

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