I have a noise complaint. What can I do?

Noise bylaws are different from city to city, but most cities have rules that are similar. For example, most cities have rules about how much noise you can make from:

  • yelling, shouting, or loud partying
  • animals barking
  • construction
  • power tools
  • fireworks

These rules are usually enforced by municipal bylaw officers, but sometimes police officers will also enforce noise bylaws.

After a noise complaint is made, bylaw officers will often issue a warning. This is because the goal of municipal noise bylaws is usually not to punish residents but to get them to understand and follow the laws.

Most tickets for noise are provincial offence notices. These are the least serious kind of tickets. For more information about the kind of tickets you can get, read the question: I got a parking or traffic ticket. What are my options?

Other ways to deal with noise complaints

There are other ways to deal with noise complaints. For example, you can be charged under the:

  • Highway Traffic Act if you have a vehicle that is creating too much noise
  • Environmental Protection Act if the noise is serious enough to threaten wildlife, for example noise from heavy machinery
  • Criminal Code of Canada for causing a disturbance

Get legal help

You may want to get legal advice from a lawyer or paralegal about your options.

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