What happens at a provincial offences trial, and how do I prepare?

3. Make notes and gather your documents

Your evidence can include witnesses, documents, or other things.

Make notes

As soon as you can after being charged, make notes about things like:

  • the date of the offence
  • details of what happened
  • what you said to anyone who was present, including police officers
  • contact information of anyone who was present who may be witnesses
  • photos you took
  • documents, letters, or other records that may be helpful

These notes will be important because sometimes it can take a long time before a trial happens.


Get and make copies of any photos or other documents you want to use at your trial.

  • Letters and notes: For example, if you’re charged with trespassing and were given a letter from the person telling you to stay off the property.
  • Business or property records: For example, records showing who owns the property.
  • Expert reports: For example, a report by a doctor or a land surveyor.
  • Photos or videos: For example, if you were charged with a traffic violation for not stopping at a stop sign and the sign wasn’t visible, you could take photos or a video of the stop sign.
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