3. Ask for an extension if you need one

If you make your refugee claim at a Port of Entry (POE), you must complete your Basis of Claim Form (BOC) within 45 days of being found eligible to make a claim.

If you can't complete your BOC before the deadline, you can ask for an extension but there's no guarantee you will get one. It's a good idea to get legal advice right away.

To ask for an extension, you must apply in writing to the Refugee Board at least 3 business days before your BOC is due. You can send your request by fax or by courier to the closest registry office.

You must explain why you need more time and include how much extra time you need. For example, if you were detained after you arrived in Canada and you were not able to meet with a lawyer or legal representative to complete the BOC, or if you had difficulty finding an interpreter, explain this in your request for more time.

Or if there is a medical reason why your BOC is late, you must include a doctor's certificate that describes your condition and explain how it prevents you from being able to file the BOC on time.

The Refugee Protection Division rules explain more about the medical certificate, what to do if you can't get one, and what other is needed.

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