How do I enforce a court order against someone to give back my property?

1. Write to the debtor

If you have an order from Small Claims Court that says the must return your property, talk to the debtor. The best way is to send a letter asking them to return your property. This is sometimes called a demand letter.

In your letter, include:

  • when you expect to get the property by
  • where they should send the property to
  • how they should give you the property
  • what you will do if they don't give you back your property


Be reasonable with the amount of time you give the debtor to return your property. For example, if the debtor will be mailing you the property, allow enough time for the property to be delivered.

Keep records

Keep careful records of any part of the property that is returned to you. For example, if a person was ordered to return two bracelets but only sends you one, take photos and write down exactly what you received and when.

If the debtor does not give you the property by your deadline, you may want to think about in another way.

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