I wasn’t at work when I got hurt. Can this be a work injury?

You're “at work” if:

  • you're doing something that helps or benefits your employer
  • you're in a place that your employer controls or supervises

Examples of being “at work” include:

  • being in a parking lot or common areas, or on an access road that your employer controls or supervises
  • driving to a work site if your work day starts when you get in your car
  • going to and from work if your employer provides the transportation, for example, this could apply to migrant farm workers or miners working in remote areas
  • going away from your work site to get something you need for work, such as supplies or tools

You could also be “at work” if:

  • you're working at home and that's where you do your work
  • you're doing some work at home because your employer asked you to

Make notes

If you're injured when you're away from your workplace, make detailed notes, as you would for any other work injury. It's a good idea to make notes soon after the accident and include dates.

Make sure to also include details about where you were and why you were there. For example, describe:

  • what you were doing to help or benefit your employer
  • how your employer had some control over where you were

 See more in Step 1.

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