What do I do to keep my workplace safe? What does my boss have to do?

You and your employer are both responsible for keeping your workplace safe. But the law says that you have different responsibilities based on your roles.

As a worker, you must follow the safety policies in your workplace, unless those policies put you in danger. You must tell your employer if you see anything that could hurt you or someone else. You must also use the safety equipment and follow the safety procedures required for your job.

And you must:

  • not do anything that could hurt another worker
  • act in a safe and responsible way around dangerous equipment, materials, or situations
  • tell your employer if you see anything that breaks the rules in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)

Your employer must try to protect your health and safety while you're at work. They must make sure that the safety policies in your workplace follow the rules in the OHSA, and that workers follow these policies. They must also make sure you get the information, training and supervision you need to do your job safely.

Your employer must also:

The OHSA rules say that your employer must do everything they reasonably can to keep workers safe. That could include making changes to machines, to safety equipment, or to your workplace that are likely to stop people from getting hurt.

Every workplace has different safety needs. If you think your employer should do more to protect you, talk to your , your health and safety representative, or your Joint Health and Safety Committee.

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