Can I use Ontario’s online Child Support Service to change child support?

You may be able use the Ontario government's online Child Support Service to change the amount of in your current:

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You can only do this if the parent's income has changed, and if you meet certain conditions. Step 1 has more information about this.

A change in the income of the parent getting support isn't a reason to change child support. This is because that parent's income is usually not taken into account when deciding how much child support should be paid.

Only one of you needs to ask to change child support online. In some cases, even if the other parent doesn't respond, the service may decide that the payor parent's income has increased and that child support payments should also increase.

Using updated income information that you and your partner give, the service sends a Notice of Recalculation that says the amount of child support that must be paid. This is usually based on your income tax returns or pay stubs. You must follow the Notice as if it is a court order.

You can talk to a lawyer about whether you should use the service.

Go to: to use the service.


You and your partner each have to pay a fee of $80 every time you use the service to set up or change child support. This fee is non-refundable. This means you can't get it back if the service can't calculate your child support. So make sure that you meet the conditions and have all the information you need before you start.

If your and your partner's incomes are low enough, you can apply for a fee waiver. If you get it, it means you don't pay this fee.

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