Can I have my Small Claims Court trial in French?

Because of COVID-19, the Small Claims Court has changed some of its processes. You can learn more in the question: How is Small Claims Court handling cases during COVID-19?

The Courts of Justice Act says that if you live in Ontario and speak French, you have the right to have your Small Claims Court proceeding in French. These are called “bilingual proceedings”. The Act does not use the words “French proceeding” or a “French trial”.

You might want to sue someone in civil court for damages or money owed to you.

If you're asking for $35,000 or less, you can file a claim in Small Claims Court. But if you're asking for more, you must do that in Superior Court. If what you are owed is more than $35,000, but you are willing to waive the amount over $35,000, then you can still file in Small Claims Court. You must file your claim within 2 years of when you first learned about the problem.

For more information about claims in Small Claims Court, read the question: How can I sue in Small Claims Court? or I’m being sued by someone in Small Claims Court. What should I do?

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