What is an Answer and Plan of Care in my child protection case?

4. File your Answer and Plan of Care

After you've served your Answer and Plan of Care on the (CAS) and anyone else you need to , you must them with the court. Filing your plan means you give it to a clerk at the court counter to add to your court file. Every court form you fill out and all documents you want a judge to look at have to be filed in court.

You take your plan to the court along with a Form 6B: Affidavit of Service. This form lets the court know when, where, and how you served your plan. It proves that CAS and anyone else you served got a copy of your plan and knows that they have to respond to them. Whoever serves your plan must complete the affidavit of service.

This form must be sworn or affirmed. This means the person signing promises that the information in it is true. It is against the law to not tell the truth when swearing or affirming an affidavit.

Child protection continuing record

When CAS starts their court case they also start a court file called the child protection continuing record. The continuing record has all the important documents in your case.

Documents are added to the continuing record after they've been served. When you file your plan with the court, it's added to the continuing record. You also have to update the table of contents, which is a list of all the documents in the continuing record.

Court staff can help you add your plan to the continuing record and update the table of contents.

Make sure you keep a copy of every document you fill out and every document you get from CAS or any other . This allows you to keep track of your case yourself. You won't have to go to the court to ask the to get your file if you need to check something.

Make sure you file your plan before your deadline.

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