2. Ask for an interpreter

If you're being held for , you may not be able to ask for an interpreter before your first time in court. Your first time in court will be within 24 hours of your .

Even if you were not able to ask for an interpreter before going to court, there may be one at the courthouse who can help you. If not, you may have to your matter and ask for an interpreter to help you the next time you come to court.

If you're not being held for bail, you can ask for an interpreter by contacting the courthouse. Contact them before your first time in court and ask to talk to the Interpreter Coordinator. 

Tell the interpreter's office:

  • the language you need an interpreter for
  • the date and time of your court appearance
  • the type of appearance (such as bail, , or set date)
  • the court location (including the courtroom if you know it)
  • who is requesting the interpreter (such as an person, counsel, or a )
  • the full name of the accused person
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