How do I get into and complete mental health diversion?

5. Complete your mental health diversion

The mental health court worker and the Crown will decide when you have finished your mental health diversion. Your diversion is complete when the Crown agrees that your mental health has improved enough. Often this takes about 6 months but there is no set time to complete the program.

Your diversion could take longer if your progress is slow or depending on the type of charges you have. For example, if you're in diversion for an , the Crown might require you to complete a longer diversion because it's a violent crime.

When the Crown agrees that you're finished your diversion, you go to back to court and the Crown withdraws your charges. This means there is no or criminal conviction, and you have no criminal record. You're free to go and don't have to return to court.

If you don’t complete diversion

You might be kicked out of your diversion program if you:

  • don't follow your diversion plan
  • get new charges
  • breach your conditions
  • don't attend court

If you get kicked out or can't complete your diversion program, your case is sent back to the regular court system. Then you can either have a trial or .

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