I’m a temporary foreign worker. What are my rights?

1. Know what your employer must provide

There are certain things that most employers must provide temporary foreign workers. For example:

  • Your employer must pay for you to travel to and from Canada. Your employer cannot take this money from your pay unless you're part of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.
  • Your employer must provide day-to-day transportation, for example, getting you to the places where you're doing your work.
  • Your employer must make sure that you have safe housing. This can be on or off your work site. There are rules about how much your employer can charge you for housing that depend on the work you do.
  • Your employer must make sure that you have health insurance. If you don't qualify for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), your employer must buy private health insurance for you.

The list above does not apply to high-wage workers, such as engineers and software designers.

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