2. Ask Service Canada to look at your application again, if needed

If Service Canada decides not to pay you or you disagree with the amount that they decide to pay you, you have 90 days to write to Service Canada staff to ask them to look at your application again. This is called a reconsideration.

In your written request for a reconsideration include:

  • your name, address, telephone number, and Social Insurance Number
  • a detailed explanation of why you want a reconsideration
  • any new information that could affect the decision

Sign and date your written request. Send it to the return address listed on the letter that Service Canada sent you to tell you about their decision.

Service Canada staff, who were not involved in making the original decision, review your application and any new information you provide. This process can take several months. You then get a letter that explains how they decided your reconsideration.

You can contact Service Canada at 1-800-277-9914 to check the status of your reconsideration.

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