Can I use Ontario’s online Child Support Service?

2. Decide if you’re asking for more than the table amount

The Child Support Service usually only decides in simple cases where the child support table amount applies. But it can also be used for some .

This means before using the service you have to decide if you're asking for more than the table amount of child support. And if so, which of your child's special or extraordinary expenses you want your partner to help pay for.  

Table amount

The table amounts of child support are based on the gross annual income of the parent and the number of children they have to support. There is separate table for each province and territory.

The table amount show the basic monthly amounts of child support needed to pay for expenses like clothes, food, and school supplies. It is what the payor parent pays to meet the child's basic needs, just as if they were living with the child.

The Child Support Table Lookup is an online tool that helps you figure out your table amount of child support.

Special or extraordinary expenses

Expenses that are not covered in the basic monthly amount of child support are called special or extraordinary expenses.  

You can use the service only if you have the following types of special or extraordinary expenses:  

  • child care expenses
  • medical and dental insurance premiums
  • health-related expenses

But, you can only include them if you and your partner agree:

  • on the amount of the expenses to be shared
  • that you won't include any amount your child pays towards the expense

You can't use the service if the special or extraordinary expenses are for:

  • extracurricular activities such as competitive sports classes
  • educational expenses, including post-secondary education or private school fees
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