4. Complete a home study if required

You must complete a for every type of adoption except for a family adoption where the child being adopted also lives in Ontario. The study is called a “Structured Analysis Family Evaluation” (SAFE).

A home study has to be done by an adoption worker approved by the government. The home study helps the adoption worker decide if you are ready to be an adoptive parent and what type of child you are best suited to adopt.

The adoption worker comes to your home and talks to you about what it means to parent an adopted child. They talk to you about things like:

  • why you want to adopt
  • your family background
  • your financial situation
  • your experience with children

They ask you and anyone living in your home who is over 18 for:

  • a medical report
  • a report of any history with , and
  • a police record check.

They will also ask for the names and contact information of people who know you and who can tell them about you.

A home study can take 4-6 interviews that are done over 3-8 months.

In a private adoption, the agency may also help you write a short letter about you that birth parents can read when deciding who they want to adopt their child.

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