DSO says I don’t qualify for services and supports. What can I do?

3. Ask for a Stage 3 review

If you disagree with the Stage 2 review decision, you can ask for a Stage 3 review. The Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) office that made the decision for Stages 1 and 2 won't be part of the Stage 3 review. A different DSO office will make the decision at Stage 3.

When you ask for a Stage 3 review, you can say which other DSO office you would like to review the decision.

You must ask for the Stage 3 review within 10 business days of the Stage 2 decision. If you want a review but more than 10 days have passed, get legal help.

Keep the letter and the envelope from DSO so you can prove when you got the decision.

You must ask for a review in writing. In your letter, include:

  • your name and address
  • the date on the letter giving their decision
  • the date you got the letter
  • why you don't agree with the decision
  • more information to show that you qualify for services and supports

Sign and date your letter. Keep a copy of it.

You can bring your letter to the DSO office in person, or send it by fax or mail. Use the office address on the letter you received with their decision.

If you deliver the letter in person, ask for a receipt to prove when you delivered it. If you fax it, get a report from the fax machine to show the date the fax was sent. If you mail it, make a note of the date you put it in the mail.

The DSO must give their written decision within 15 business days of your letter asking for the Stage 3 review. The decision on the Stage 3 review is final.

But if you disagree with the decision, you may still be able to do something about it. Get legal help right away.

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