Can I get CPP disability benefits?

Find out if you can switch your CPP retirement pension

Because it can be faster to get a retirement pension, some people apply for a and at the same time.

Then, once they get a retirement pension, they see if they can switch their retirement pension to disability benefits. They do this because people usually get more money in disability benefits than a retirement pension.

Sometimes people don't find out they can apply for disability benefits until after they've started getting CPP retirement benefits.

People who are under 65 might be able to switch from retirement to disability benefits if:

  • they apply for CPP disability benefits within 15 months after starting to get CPP retirement benefits, and
  • their disability started before they started getting retirement benefits.

If they apply for CPP disability but don't meet both these conditions, they will have to stay on retirement benefits. But they will automatically be considered for a post-retirement disability benefit. This benefit pays about $500 a month and is paid in addition to the retirement benefits.

If you think this might apply to you

If you're 60 to 64 years old and already getting your CPP retirement pension, you may want to try to switch to disability benefits or get the post-retirement disability benefit. But, the rules about this are complicated.

If you think any of this might apply to you, try to get legal advice as soon as possible. A community legal clinic may be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.

Once you turn 65, you can no longer get CPP disability benefits. At that point, you start getting your CPP retirement pension.

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