Can I get CPP disability benefits?

Learn what a “severe and prolonged disability” is

To get disability benefits, your disability must be both severe and prolonged. A disability can be physical, mental, or both.

Severe means that you are not able to work at all, or are not able to work on a regular basis and are only able to earn a small amount.

Prolonged means that your disability is likely to last a long or unknown amount of time. Or, it will eventually cause your death.

Each disability benefit program has its own definition of what a disability is. Even if you're eligible for disability benefits from another program, you may not be eligible for .

If you’re not able to work for a short time

CPP disability benefits are not for people who can't work for a short time because they're sick or injured.

If this is your situation, there may be other sources of you can apply for, such as Employment Insurance.

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