Can I get ODSP while I’m in the hospital?

Learn the rules about hospitals and programs for substance abuse

The rules about getting from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) while you're staying in the hospital apply to:

ODSP will continue to pay your income support while you're in the hospital.

For the first 3 months, this assistance includes the amount you get to help pay for your housing outside the hospital, for example, your rent.

Treatment programs for substance abuse

If you're living in a place that ODSP rules say qualifies as a substance abuse recovery program, the rules about income support are the same as if you're in a hospital.

After 3 months

If you're in a hospital or treatment program longer than 3 months, ODSP can reduce the amount of your income support. But they don't have to do this if, for example:

  • you're still paying for housing outside the hospital
  • you have less money because you can't work while you're in the hospital
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