Can I get ODSP while I’m in the hospital?

Tell ODSP if you’re in a hospital

If you're getting from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), you have to tell them when you move or change where you're living.

For example, you need to tell ODSP if you're staying in one of the following:

What ODSP can do

ODSP needs to know where you are so they can decide:

  • if you still qualify, and
  • how much assistance you should get.

Tell ODSP if you know ahead of time when you'll be leaving the hospital or the place where you're getting treatment or care. If ODSP reduced your income support while you were there, they may be able to give you some money for the month before you get out.

If ODSP pays you more than you should get, this is an . And if ODSP says you have an overpayment, they’ll ask you to pay it back.

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