Can I get ODSP while I’m in the hospital?

Learn the rules about places with specialized care

Long-term care homes

You might be going into a long-term care home but not planning to stay there.

For a temporary stay, the rules about from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) are the same as if you're in a hospital.

If you move into a long-term care home and don't plan to leave, you can get money from ODSP to help pay for living in the long-term care home.

Specialized care homes

If you move into a specialized care home, you may qualify for income support without having to meet the ODSP definition of a “person with a disability”.

For example, this might apply to you if:

  • you live in certain kinds of:
    • hospitals that treat people with mental health issues
    • special care homes or group homes
  • you get services or support because you have a developmental disability, and you:
    • live in a group home
    • live in housing where you get support

If you're getting income support as a person with a disability and you have a medical review date, you won't need to do the medical review.

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